Moving Clients Beyond Survival in the Era of Digital Disruption

The world of digital transformation is full of disruption.
CLEARPRISM is industry-leading digital transformation advisory, execution excellence and continuous improvement for market, customer and competitive advantage.


We know digital transformation and how to deliver successful projects.


We turn digital disruption into business advantage for every client, on every project.


We see past “easy” answers to the digital transformation your business really needs.


Your success is our success. it’s really that simple.

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CLEARPRISM was founded by seasoned consulting, digital transformation, technology and software professionals who have spent all their careers helping clients through many successful digital transformation initiatives.  Understanding that industry experts agree that most digital transformations are considered either unsuccessful or outright failures, CLEARPRISM was founded with one mission in mind:

“Helping clients thrive in the era of digital disruption through harnessing the power of everything for business, customer and competitive advantage.”


This is expressed through our track record of helping clients move beyond simply surviving digital disruption, but to actually thrive with newly sustainable advantage. We are dedicated to client success, driving what works in practice throughout the entire transformation journey through three distinct and proven service offerings:

CLEARADVOCATE: Transformation Envisioned. You cut through the confusion and avoid common digital disruption problems to quickly put your company on the right path forward with the proper vision and leadership for digital transformation success—from start to finish.

CLEARORCHESTRATE: Transformation Executed. You experience successful digital transformation projects and deliverables that sets you apart with the right project resources, execution, governance and business processes—delivered on-time and on-budget—with no surprises.

CLEARASSURE: Transformation Ensured. You benefit from continuous enhancement, optimization, productivity and performance of your digital transformation investments. Your business, technology, processes and users continuously evolve into the future serving your markets and customers better than ever.

CLEARPRISM is unique in the IT consulting market because we aren’t all things to all people. CLEARPRISM is about one thing: helping clients thrive in the era of digital disruption. We’ve done this for every client, every time.

Finally, we’re honest. If we aren’t the precise fit for your company, we’ll let you know up front and recommend another option to you. If, however, we are the right fit, then we are your very best source and option to fully realize the benefits of digital transformation in the world of continuous disruption.


Disruption creates opportunity. We help you succeed through disruption.


Our people have been delivering transformation success for over 30 years.


Transform and advance legacy with cloud, mobile, IoT, blockchain, security and UX/UI.


We unlock the hidden benefits of digital transformation, beyond your business requirements.


What we believe at CLEARPRISM…

At CLEARPRISM, our core values guide the way that we do business internally and with all our clients and partners. CLEARPRISM’s Guiding Principles are as follows:

  • Dedication – We are completely dedicated to our mission and the delivery of a highly efficient and effective process for our clients.
  • Excellence –  We are focused on providing the highest levels of excellence through consistent processes, experienced people and exceeding client expectations.
  • Integrity – We follow through on our promises to our clients and each other. We ensure that we always follow the highest ethical and moral standards in everything we do.
  • Communication –  We are focused on listening first and clear, consistent communication with our clients.
  • Respect – We treat everyone with mutual respect, are sensitive to others’ opinions, acknowledge the importance of diversity, and value everyone’s contributions.
  • Courage – We say what we think (professionally, tactfully) even if it’s controversial, make tough decisions early, take smart risks, and challenge legacy thinking and processes.
  • Judgment – We make wise decisions, treat root causes not symptoms, think strategically, and do the “right things, right!”
  • Innovation – We discover new, practical solutions, challenge the prevailing assumptions, and always strive to look for “how it could be done better?”
  • Passion – We inspire others, care intensely about our clients’ successes, celebrate wins, go beyond our “job”, act as leaders, and feverishly take the initiative and do what is right.


Bret Hatfield - Founding Partner

Bret has spent most of his career in a professional consulting leadership role providing both internal executive leadership within his consulting companies and, more importantly, external advisory and business transformational services to his clients.

After a college internship in the audit practice of PwC, Bret decided to start his professional career in the audit group at Arthur Andersen. Several years later, he was recruited by the Dallas Cowboys Football Club where he spent three years in industry as Controller for both the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium Corporation. Bret then returned to Arthur Andersen as part of their business consulting practice before being recruited by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young to help lead and grow its Oracle Consulting practice in Dallas. In 2001, Bret decided to start his own consulting firm. Bret then co-founded Lucidity Consulting Group LP where he served as Managing Partner of Lucidity for most of the firm’s existence. During that time, Bret led the growth of Lucidity from a regional startup company to a national consulting company consisting of several hundred professionals who provided advisory, implementation and support services in conjunction with business transformational initiatives. Fifteen years later, Lucidity was acquired by Emtec Global Services in 2015. After the acquisition, Bret was a Partner at Emtec and member of the Senior Executive Team responsible for leading Emtec’s advisory practice and serving as a Client Partner for large, strategic enterprise accounts before deciding to start CLEARPRISM in 2017. Today, Bret is a founding Partner at CLEARPRISM where he can leverage two decades of transformational consulting experience and enjoy working with clients every day.

Bret holds a BBA degree from Texas A&M University and practiced as a CPA prior to starting his consulting career. Outside of work, Bret enjoys spending time with his wife and three young sons.

Ralph Welborn - Partner

Ralph Welborn is a Partner at ClearPrism.  He leads our Strategic Advisory work, with a particular focus on new models of growth and ½-day 1 day workshops to stress-test your current strategies from the perspective of business ecosystems.

He brings to this a robust set of capabilities and experiences.  First, a predictive analytics & role-based workflow platform focused on ‘where to play’ and ‘how to execute’ given a changed competitive environment from a partner company, CapImpact where is also co-founder.  Second, his previous roles have included CEO of a market leading innovation analytics and advisory firm, leader of IBM’s Strategy & Transformation business in the Middle East & Africa; and senior vice president of KPMG Consulting. His new book, Topple: The End of Firm-based Strategy and the Rise of New Models for Explosive Growth describes how to look at our changed competitive landscape through the lens of business ecosystems.  His other two books focus on new innovation models (The Jericho Principle & strategic execution (Get It Done) Ralph has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Boston University.

Digital transformation for sustained advantage starts here.

Thrive in the era of digital disruption.

CLEARPRISM delivers lasting, sustainable advantage through digital transformation success. We turn disruption into opportunity by helping you harness the power of everything (including legacy!) for new business, customer and competitive advantage.

Our CLEARPRISM services allow you to effortlessly and successfully Envision, Execute and Evolve digital transformation benefit and value.

Choose to thrive! Only CLEARPRISM gives you that choice.

Choose to thrive!


Don't simply survive.





To help clients thrive in the era of digital disruption.
To deliver new levels of transformation success, advantage and value.

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What We Do

CLEARPRISM does one thing. We help companies thrive in the era of digital disruption. We bring the right vision, execution and evolution of digital transformation that delivers predictable, sustainable business, customer and competitive advantage.

We have the best digital transformation advocacy, project orchestration and continued optimization assurance. CLEARPRISM is your next step in digital transformation success.

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