Thrive in the Era of Digital Disruption

  The CLEARPRISM services ensure you have the vision, execution and sustained digital transformation value you require—every client, every project and every time.


Thrive in the era of digital disruption.

Too often digital transformation projects suffer from budget, timeline, outcome and benefit failure. CLEARPRISM services eliminate digital transformation failure, protect business value and create new business, customer and competitive advantage—for every client, every project and every budget—without any surprises.

CLEARPRISM services are your answer to lasting, sustainable digital transformation advantage. How? By bringing to your project:

  • The best and deeply experienced and skilled resources that know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them
  • Technology solutions that remain flexible and scalable to meet your business requirements today and in the future
  • Advisory and knowledge in your industry and business domain that gives you a competitive edge
  • A track record of proven, reliable and predictable enterprise application and business transformation success


Leading business and technology leaders know where digital transformation success starts. With CLEARPRISM.

CLEARPRISM Services Overview
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CLEARADVOCATE Services Overview
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Transformation Envisioned.

Are you pointed in the right direction, the right way?

Industry studies find the following statistics:

  • 5% of digital transformation projects meet or exceed requirement and expectation
  • 20% of digital transformation projects deliver only 50% of requirement or expectation
  • 55-75% of transformation projects fail to meet objectives
  • 60% fail to achieve budget, timeline and quality
  • 50% of project management offices fail
  • 35% of digital transformation projects don’t deliver business value

With CLEARADVOCATE you answer the critical questions around:

  • Where IS value being created, and destroyed, in our ecosystem? What do we do about it?
  • What are the impacts of different types of technology in our business,  and the capability and value chain under different conditions?
  • How do we harness the four lessons of explosive growth companies for what we want to do?
  • How do we ensure that we’re not in a “follow the leader”, losing race?
  • What can we do to figure out the 20% capabilities critical to capture 70% of new value?

It’s critical to establish the right vision from the start. CLEARADVOCATE creates the right vision, strategy and plans to put your digital transformation project in the “Win” column with:

  • Ecosystem-centric Strategy & Execution Plans
  • Technology Assessment & Selection
  • Customer Journey—Gen 3
  • Workforce of the Future
  • Innovation Program Design & Playbook
  • Path-to-Value Planning

CLEARADVOCATE ensures your digital transformation project is always going in the right direction, delivering predictable, sustainable business, customer and competitive advantage.


Transformation Executed.

Are you executing in a world-class manner, at a world-class pace?

CLEARORCHESTRATE is digital transformation and advantage in action. Delivering to you the exact solution that exactly meets your digital transformation requirements and expectations.

With CLEARORCHESTRATE you answer the following “How do you…” questions:

  • …ensure your strategy will get properly executed?
  • …accelerate the realization of business value?
  • …drive 3x productivity improvement?
  • …manage the complexity of technology integration aligned with business objectives?
  • …orchestrate your partners around the new 20%* for high impact execution?

Turn digital transformation requirements and expectations into reality through the best in:

  • Program & Change Management
  • Partner & Ecosystem Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Everything Architecture
  • Everything Integration

ORCHESTRATE  your digital transformation. Put CLEARPRISM on your team and achieve sustainable, lasting advantage from your transformation project investments.


*The new 20% of capability critical to capture 70% of new business value.

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CLEARASSURE Services Overview
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Transformation Ensured.

How do you ensure value gets realized under different conditions?

Ensure you evolve your digital transformation investment into a sustained advantage. Ensure continuous performance and productivity growth after the project is finished.

CLEARASSURE recognizes that digital transformation is never “one and done” by maximizing value realization and advantage by keeping your solutions up with the pace of your business. With CLEARASSURE you benefit from answering the following “How do you…” questions:

  • …make more effective capital allocation decisions?
  • …readjust and refocus as needed?
  • …ensure your technology (execution) portfolio is aligned with business objectives and realigned as needed?
  • …build a culture of ongoing innovation and impact?
  • …build a near real-time “assessment and matching” capability between opportunities and what you have to execute?

Your digital transformation project delivers sustaining and predictable value and benefits through:

  • Post Project Valuation
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Managed Services
  • Process Optimization
  • Solution Enhancement

The key to maximized value and benefit from digital transformation is continuously enhancing, optimizing and supporting new business processes, technology and users. Don’t skip this important step. Rely on CLEARASSURE to go the “last mile” and beyond.


Deep, Proven Advisory
Experts in industry, business and process that know what it takes to successfully undertake and complete business transformation.

A Partner in Success
Dedication to your business and transformation project success from requirements to post-delivery support. Your success is our success.

No Surprises
Budgets, timelines, requirements and expectations are kept. We don’t break out of the boundaries your business has set for the project.

Sustainable Productivity
Your business turns new functionality, information integration, workflows, analytics and insights into individual and company growth.

The Very Best Practices
Advancing your project and company forward to new competitive advantage through easy integration of proven best-in-class practices.

Cost Savings, Profit Growth
Eliminating redundancy, waste, human error and complexity in projects, applications, systems, processes, workflows, reporting and information

DXSERIES Workshops Overview
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The DX Workshop Series.

Assessment, discovery, preparation and roadmaps for successful digital transformation.

15% of firms realize over 82% of the economic profit of any industry. The remaining 85% of firms wrestle over the balance—a dwindling profit pool as the largest firms get ever larger, in terms of the value they capture, in a “winner-take-all” play.

Digital transformation (DX) is supposed to change these odds. At least, that’s the intent.  It’s just not happening that way in every circumstance.

Our DX Workshop Series are fast, focused sessions to either stress-test what you are currently doing or to get you started along a new and better DX journey. The DX Workshop Series is clearly a different way to keep you out of the >75% failure zone of common digital transformation efforts.

Go ahead! Discover which DX Workshop option is best for you. It’s a great way to get started with the least amount of risk.

DX Stress Test Workshop

Four Lessons from Explosive Growth Companies

Focus: stress-test your DX strategy in terms of where you’re playing and how you’re executing, based on 4 lessons from explosive growth companies.

Why does this matter? The explosive growth companies of today – and tomorrow – are ecosystem-based ones.  All answer the new strategic question but each in their own way.  This ½ day workshop explores what you’re doing from an ecosystem perspective, sharing insights and lessons from around the world as it both reinforces yet challenges your program from this perspective.

Value to you:

  1. It’s fast. ½ -1 day workshop
  2. It’s challenging.
  3. It puts rigor into new frameworks and a new “language” around the new competitive landscape and how to navigate it.

The challenge: If you’re on the right track, the DX Stress Test Workshop will confirm  you’re focused and how well you are executing.  And if you’re not, this DX Workshop option is a timely intervention.

Call or fill out our inquiry form and we’ll give you further detail and how you can quickly benefit.

Predicting DX Technology Business Impact

This matters right now, as technologies continue to change alongside business requirement.

Focus: Different types of technologies will impact businesses in different ways dramatic implications on:

  • Where and how they make money
  • How, how much and when they will impact what businesses do and how they do so.

Why does this matter? Underlying each of these implications is one of the most critical questions facing executives everywhere: what will be our required workforce of the future, and how do we prepare for it?  The topic of “blurrings” – between people and machine, between embedded intelligence (AI) and tacit insight (people) – is far beyond that of anecdotes of what’s going on in *that* company or of fiction.  It is one critical to make sense of now.  This workshop suggests frameworks and rigorous methods / insights to begin to help you anticipate your workforce of the future and the new 20% of capabilities critical to capture 70% of new value.

Value to you:

  1. It’s fast. ½ -1 day workshop
  2. It’s rigorous, and analytics-based
  3. It provides a set of frameworks and rigorous language around which to structure and scale programs to prepare for the inevitable changes
  4. It stress-tests how you are thinking about your Workforce of the Future in a way that goes beyond “thinking.”

The challenge: If you’re dealing with constantly changing business requirements and a barrage of technology choice—leading to confusion on where and how to benefit, this DX Workshop option is for you.

Call or fill out our inquiry form and we’ll give you further detail and how you can quickly benefit.

Cloud Migration Workshop

An “in service of what” workshop.

Focus: Clarify or stress-test your cloud migration ERP package, because most of them struggle to get either the financial or operational objectives promised.

Why does this matter? Executives care about cloud migration to free up capabilities “to do” what needs to be done strategically. Sure, there is a key cost element here, as there is an organizational agility issue – as you free up resources… but to do what? Given ever increasing pressures to identify and capture new sources of value, the value proposition of any cloud migration is no longer enough that of cost and agility, but cloud-migration-in-service-of-enabling-new-focus-on-new-sources-of-value. How do you think about cloud migration from this perspective – positioning this critical program as much about growth as it is about cost? This workshop is designed to help you explore this “stacked” cloud migration program and how it could be designed with both growth & cost objectives aligned.

Value to you:

  1. It’s fast. ½ -1 day workshop
  2. It’s pragmatic
  3. It aligns business and technology executives around what to do and how to do it

The challenge: You’re already in or are trying to figure out how to completely move to the cloud. Yet, perhaps, conflicted on priorities and options that best serve your business priorities and objectives. Discover a better way to move to the cloud; a way that drives sustainable business value along the way.

Call or fill out our inquiry form and we’ll give you further detail and how you can quickly benefit.

Four Generations of Scenario Planning

It’s finally become pragmatic and executable.

Focus: Explore the ever increasingly important frameworks & methods underlying how to make executive and capital allocation decisions under different conditions—and what they mean to where you strategically and your R&D and technology portfolio are pointed.

Why does this matter? Increasingly, executives are asking for scenario-based strategy & execution plans. The challenge is: there is lots of bluster (from consultants) about what they are, or they are “heavy”—either time-intensive or too theoretical to be of much pragmatic value. But that is changing – hence this ½ day workshop on the 4 generations and how to use their insights into where to play and how to execute quickly.

Value to you:

  1. It’s fast. ½ -1 day workshop
  2. It’s pragmatic

The challenge: If you’re ready to put rigor into new frameworks and a new “language” around scenarios, and how to make decisions under different conditions this DX Workshop option is exactly what you need.

Call or fill out our inquiry form and we’ll give you further detail and how you can quickly benefit.

Ecosystem-Centric Strategy Workshop

Four workshops that move you from discrete, independent DX to an ecosystem-based approach, outcome and benefit.

Focus: Quickly develop or refine your digital transformation strategy, from an ecosystem perspective—because your competitive landscape has changed… for good.

Why does this matter? Digital transformation (DX) is supposed to be the medicine for competitive pain—the result of new competitors, challenges to ongoing growth and distinctive profitability—because technologies advance, markets shift and customer expectations change. But it’s not working out that way for well over 75% of organizations undertaking this journey. Little exists as to why this is the case, and much of comes down to a blunt reality: a changed competitive reality requires answering a new strategic question, and a new type of journey to do so.

The question?  Where is value being created… and destroyed… in the ecosystem and value chains you’re engaged in… and is the new 20% of capabilities (skill-sets and technology assets) critical to do something about this. This is the basis for our strategy program with you, based on four executive workshops interspersed with targeted sprints to build a distinctive digital strategy and execution around where to play and how to execute given a changed competitive landscape.

Value to you:

  1. It’s fast – series of four executive workshops, interspersed with focused sprints
  2. It’s based on the four key lessons from explosive growth companies, designed around the new strategic question
  3. It helps you identify your new 20% of capabilities critical to capture the 70% of value, from an ecosystem perspective

The challenge: If you’re struggling with how to bring together a cohesive, ecosystem-centric strategy for discovering new capabilities that drive new advantage and value, this DX Workshop series option is the one you need.

Call or fill out our inquiry form and we’ll give you further detail and how you can quickly benefit.

Maximizing transformation success in the era of digital disruption.

CLEARPRISM delivers vision, execution discipline and continuous digital transformation value to business and technology leaders. CLEARPRISM tuns digital transformation investment into clear, sustainable business, customer and competitive advantage.

Every CLEARPRISM client obtains new advantage through a more intelligent, flexible, responsive and innovative business, with the very best process, workflow, and systems environment.

You owe it to your company and organization to see how to make your next business transformation project a success and accelerate your business advantage.

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