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ClearSERVICES covers everything you need through a full portfolio of services that bring deep, proven experience to every project with a single point of accountability.

Assessment, Strategy, Execution Planning & Advisory

The Problems

It’s important to balance the benefits and challenges of digital transformation to ensure the best vision is adopted, one that supports current business and future strategy. Most enterprises don’t have the internal capability to handle such projects or dedicate the “A” players making selecting the right partner critical to a successful business transformation project.

  • ERP implementations are costly and time-intensive
  • 75-95% of transformation projects fail to meet objectives, 20% fail to meet 50% of expectations, 50% of project management offices fail and 63% of businesses settle for value dilution and mediocre performance.

So, how do you get done what has to get done in the time in which it needs to be done?  ClearADVOCATE Services are here to help.

The Value Proposition

There are four parts of our value proposition:

  • Like many, we have an extraordinary team of experienced technology, domain expert and complex program managers – who have seen this movie before
  • But what’s different is powering our expertise with rich visualizations, model-based frameworks, execution frameworks, patterns and insights (because we’ve seen this movie before)
  • We also bring to bear extremely detailed “taxonomies” of sector-specific capabilities to speed alignment and execution quickly
  • And ah, one more key part of the value proposition: crisp, consistent focus on the economics of impact as delivered through sprint-based program and change management, partner and ecosystem management, user experience design, architectures and integration of information, applications, processes and partners.

“ClearPrism offers a different level of polished and capable professionalism.  They always come to the table with multiple proposed solutions and options.  They anticipate the kind of metrics and output we want to see.”

–  CIO, Worldwide Top 10 Manufacturer and Integrator of Material Handling Equipment

Implementations, Complex Program & Change Management

The Problem: Execution is Hard.

Ensuring that it aligns with measurable outcomes that differ for differing stakeholders is even harder. Challenges: Not enough time from key people; insufficient alignment with measurable metrics; insufficient communications across differing stakeholders; lots of moving parts that need to be effectively – and quickly – orchestrated. Sounds easy to do. If only, but only 20% of digital efforts achieve 50% of stakeholder expectations.   

Which is where we come in to make it easier. 

ClearORCHESTRATE delivers predictable expertise and skill, along with the best project management, to deliver the exact digital transformation your business requires.  

The Value Proposition

  • Deliver to requirement, on-time and on-budget
  • 20 year+ average experience in complex ERP implementations, API initiatives and digital transformation journeys alleviate budget and timeline pressures – while creating sustained and comprehensive business advantages.
  • Deep expertise in complex programs powered by a group of knowledgeable, experienced technology and process specialists with deep industry domain expertise.
  • Overall program management – across business, financial and technology work streams – from orchestration to architectures, technical integration to cutting code. All measurable and pragmatic.


Managed Services & Continuous Improvement



Enterprise business
technology is never a
“one and done” effort.

Traditional managed services and help desk support isn’t good enough anymore. Today’s business requires much more. You need a predictable partner who can take your business technology farther than you thought possible—from go-live maintenance to enhancement and optimization.

ClearASSURE brings proven practice leaders, technology and process experts and an extended business ecosystem. Confidently manage and optimize your IT investments in a new, predictable and successful manner.

Predictable, value-centric partners, focused on continuous growth and care of technology investments are difficult to find—from go-live maintenance to enhancement and optimization.  That’s where we come in.

The Value Proposition

Demonstrable expertise – bringing technology and process experts, experienced practice leaders and ClearPrism’s extended business ecosystem to manage and optimize IT investments for successful outcomes.

Flexible partnering model – engaging technology for new advantages and better balance sheets.

Crisp accountability and predictable performance – transforming technology management uncertainties into predictable business outcomes.

Rapid ERP Implementation Methodology


More businesses require tier 1 ERP solutions to meet the complex requirements of their capabilities but often do not have the time nor can bear the risk of a traditional, lengthy ERP implementation.  In turn, rushed ERP implementations lead to unfinished configuration, incomplete training, and lower user adoption which leads to the lowered realization of value.

Introducing ClearPrism’s signature methodology: Qube


Lower the cost and time of ERP implementation by 40%.

  • Pre-defined Implementation Methodology focusing on Training and Testing for Oracle & Infor ERP
  • Embedded connection to world-class Supply Chain Event-Sensing Insights (Minerva)
  • Sector-specific pre-configured workflows based on SCOR best practice processes
  • A pre-configured set of dynamic report visualizations and algorithmic insights into Supply Chain Exposure

To Enable…

Speed execution (by 20-30%)
Lower investment (by 40-50%)
Mitigate project risks
Focus on the critical processes that drive the most value and thereby:
Reduce overall TCO & faster time to value




ClearPrism Rapid ERP Implementation Methodology

  • Mitigates risk from the start
  • Focuses on the critical few processes that drive value
  • Brings pre-configured and predictable templates and processes for budget
  • Provides friendly outcomes
  • Reduces overall TCO, every time


Due Diligence

The Problems

  • Assessing & prioritizing the most promising choices among the many opportunities in front of you.
  • Ensuring alignment across the different stakeholders regarding the options.
  • Accelerating both the deal and the operations / execution side.

The Value Proposition

  • Fast insight and recommended execution around the key capabilities / assets that drive the majority of economic value – and thereby prioritize focus. Deep consultative experience enabled by simulation, visualization and predictive analytics
  • Use of algorithmic insights a) to stress test strategic assumptions regarding where value will be created and destroyed as well as b) to provide insights into both the deal-side and operation-side of the due diligence process to do so
  • Go blindingly fast – 30-40% the time of typical due diligence work
  • Analytically richassessment and recommendations around opportunities, risks and roadmaps from operational, financial and technology perspectives. All powered and accelerated by machine learning and data visualization

Data Visualization and Storytelling

The Problems

  • Data overload – the “what should we be looking at” problem
  • Signal to noise – the “what should we learn from this data” problem
  • And now what – the “what should we do now” problem as a result


The Value Proposition

  • We help you make sense out of enormous amounts of data through visualization for a simple reason: using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than poring over spreadsheets and reports.
  • We use advanced data engineering methods and technology to fetch and combine disparate data, from unstructured news articles and reports to highly structured quantitative data. NLP, machine learning and advanced statistics and modeling help us extract insights to help you understand what your risks are now and in the future and how you should adapt. .
  • Algorithmic insights into the few capabilities that drive the majority of economic value help you figure out where to focus to move the economic needle the most and the fastest – powered by machine learning and data visualization


We love to solve impossible problems. 

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