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We love solving impossible problems through the delivery of high-impact insights, powered by algorithms, patented-AI and rich data taxonomies

ClearPrism Insights will…

Rapidly diagnose where to focus to capture the majority of economic value (the ‘rolling 20%’)

Build a more resilient supply chain and third-party networks – through quantifying risk exposures mapping events to specific capabilities and KPIs

Increase alpha or returns to one’s investment portfolios – through algorithmic insight to identify “market holes” to capitalize on

Insights-in-an-Hour to Your Impossible Problems.  Problem solved.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Fraud Detection


The financial exposure problem: What is the financial exposure as a result of our AML (one of 7 types of fraud we tackle)?

The “Can’t stop it unless we see it” problem: Our current AML products capture an industry-standard amount of fraud. However, more sophisticated fraud methods are always evolving and we know we are missing a number of these more sophisticated challenges. But we don’t know how much or how many.



Minerva-AML brings insight and enables businesses to:

  • Close down a significantly higher percentage of suspicious accounts and transactions
  • Reduce the time and expense of multiple false positives reported on SARS (80%), each of which requires active investigations
  • Safely and securely work with foreign suppliers
  • Catch Smurfing, Mule, Triage & Micro-segmentation, Nested Accounts and other offenders

Stop more fraud, and lower the costs of investigations.










Use Cases:
Commercial Bank (Europe)
Universal Bank (Europe, India, US)


Minerva: Global Supply Chain Event Monitoring


The “faint signal” problem: what’s out there that we need to care about, when and why?
The “what’s my exposure and what do we do about” problem: what’s exposed, how much and what are the implications of doing x vs. y?



Strengthened certainty of supply chain

Deep insights to optimize supplier network far ahead of the competition

Speed of response regarding:

  • Economic impact projections on specific KPIs and financials
  • Risk/exposure profiles across the supply chain & partner networks, dynamically created
  • Specific operational, technology and partnership capabilities impacted
  • Multi-tier supplier visibility & impact projections on them

Amplify faint signals of potential impact on your global supply chain

What is going on?

What and who are likely to be impacted

What are the operational, financial, technology and partnership implications of potential impacts?

What might we do to respond appropriately?


“We have been able to transform our business based on new critical capabilities that helped clarify with dramatic implications on our revenue, customer engagement and workforce.”


CEO, Multi-Billion Dollar Company

Minerva: Third Party Optimization

Understand the risk/financial exposure of your partner and partners’ partners network on you

Minerva Partner Network

Global risk management (data management) company
Global healthcare company


The lack of transparency problem: we are often exposed by lack of visibility into our partners’ partners which can surprise us a) if they become competitors to us, b) they are unable to keep delivering to our expectations (which often change) and c) if it creates unexpected negative impacts on our Scope 2 ESG scores



Mitigate the risk of your T1, T2, and T3 networks in terms of risk and financial exposures to:

  • Protect your overall partner network
  • Attain visibility and optimize your partner network beyond your direct partners
  • Detect reputational and compliance risks throughout the supply chain
  • Identify and measure ESG ramifications from segments of your partner network, such as “Scope 2” carbon emission impacts
  • Anticipate financial headwinds at the T2 and T3 partner tier
  • Analyze and act on alternative partner network scenarios in the supply chain

Minerva: Portfolio/Regulatory Risk

Insight into financial, operational and technology exposures from changing risk/event “indices”:

Comp One

Fortune 50 consumer company
Global bank (credit exposure implications)


The “How exposed are we” problem: Lots of different types of events – regulatory, competitive, disease, etc. – can and do impact specific portfolios. Which ones should be paid attention to – and how do we clarify/compare the financial exposures of those events on our portfolios?

The “Gotcha – need to look around the corner” problem: It’s difficult to stay abreast of what matters to us and our clients. As a result, we often “play yesterday’s game” which puts pressure on our execution and financial operations. We need a rigorous method to predict what might occur but most importantly, figure out which possibilities are more or less likely to occur… before it’s too late.



Strengthen insight into risk and financial exposure as a result of changing event “indices”

  • Measure the financial impact of climactic events a loan or mortgage portfolios
  • Act on data-driven indices exposing which industries are susceptible to climate change
  • Analyze how exposed specific branches in a network are to external pressures such as climate change

Minerva: Population Health Analytics


How do value-based healthcare (VBC) systems, including accountable care organizations (ACOs), meet pressures to optimize both costs and quality of care when key factors that drive performance are essentially hidden from them?



  • Advanced, graph-based modeling including community detection, clustering and centrality analyses – of all patient, physician and provider relationships and interactions across the network
  • Visibility into high-cost encounters and “outlier” practices that are driving up costs (“leakage”) without associated improvements in outcomes
  • Augmentation of traditional segmentation analyses that isolate individual actor groups for investigation vs. looking at communities of all actors as a whole




Insight into integrated patient-physician-provider journeys across the network


Graph-enabled views of high-risk patient distributions across the network






Graph-powered views of patient population complexity across the network and outlying high-cost providers

Let us help your organization cast a bright light on “unseen” areas of cost leakage to enhance financial performance… and, as importantly, better quality of healthcare for your system’s trusting beneficiaries

Minerva: Shaping the COVID-19 Recovery Curve


How do we strengthen our economic resilience given the new competitive normal?


  • Clarify the financial implications of COVID on your business, critical capabilities and workforce over time
  • Get predictive insight into impacts over time and locations
  • Get insight into the critical capabilities that are likely to strengthen your competitive resilience


Sales: Solution Impact

Clarify key challenges, areas of impact and KPIs

Clarify impacts on business and which solutions are most relevant

Provide fast estimate of potential benefits


  • Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) and Return-on-Investment (ROI) analyses are inconsistent across sales forces
  • Value Engineers and Consultants are a sales cycle bottleneck
  • The ability to carry a “value-based” conversation varies greatly between sellers
  • Sales Management lacks insight into the patterns of module/SKU mixes to sell the quickest and maximize profitability during Phase 1 while realizing Phase 2 of an ERP project


Embedded KPIs, mapped to ERP functionality and required business capabilities allow for sales automation and:

  • Speed: Faster cycle time to proposals
  • 15% greater win rate conversion
  • Enables more “”at bats””/yield per salesperson
  • Business-case-in-an-hour

Data and insights for:

  • Predictive insight for other clients/pursuits
  • Reduced training costs – become effective faster

How Do We Do This?

Meet The Primitives.

We use underlying “Algorithmic Primitives” that snap together to align with specific opportunities and solutions.

We call it the CapImpact Framework.  And there’s nothing primitive about it.

How To Identify Common Opportunities

Where do we do this? Below are a few real life use cases




Supply Chain


For a logistic company we modeled global a few events such as Political, Pandemic, Climate and their impact on the firm’s capabilities and consequently quantification of the impact. Allowing decisioning across multiple complex variables in operations, finance and risk for key capabilities such as shipping routes, warehousing, etc.


Partner Risk Exposure


For a financial services firm we modeled reputation and compliance risk exposures of their 30,000 partner networks globally. Using our risk ontologies we monitored events based on news, articles, publications, etc. to service correlations to the said legal entities and algorithmically scored the exposures for further action.


Event Indices


We designed and built a series of climate indices modeled their financial impact on industry indices and their dual impact on individual banks: a. Event impact on bank’s capabilities and b. Event impact on bank’s portfolio holdings. Effect of the impact on bank’s regulatory capital exposure viz-a-viz standard credit exposures.


Fraud (Anomoly) Detection


We designed a series of pattern recognition models for each known fraud pattern such as CEO Fraud, Smurfing, Mule, Nested Transactions, etc. Helped the bank find false negatives and help whittle down a lot of false positives.


Contract Analysis and Remediation


Enable a bank to comply across multiple regulations including LIBOR by analyzing credit contracts algorithmically using NLP to render data from contracts. Key to the solution was the complete audit trail from the contract to the data field in the database. Solution is extendable to all regulatory mandates requiring data transparency from filed reports to contracts, such as CCAR Attestation, etc.


PE Portfolio Analysis


For multiple PE firms we have modeled various economic and other indices, such as Startups to evaluate the impact on their portfolio companies and help decision various strategies.


Index-Based Hedge Fund


Modeled the unsecured funding industry to uncover the white space and design a series of indices that are being used to build the hedge fund.


We love to solve impossible problems. 

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