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By focusing on execution, powered by algorithms and machine learning.


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What We Do

We provide advisory, execution and technology enablement to align execution around measurable outcomes. Specifically we:

  • Help firms and their programs accelerate value realization
  • Reduce execution by 25-40%
  • Identify market "white space" opportunities and build assets and capabilities that take advantage of them


Our Approach

Strong execution, powered by data visualization, algorithms, machine learning and deep experience.

Strategic Stress Test, Business Case Development and Data Visualization and Story Telling

  • Strategic stress test around the critical capabilities that will matter for new economic value—the "new 20%."
  • Algorithmic insights and data visualization
  • Business case development and financial optimization

Execution Planning

  • 4-6 week execution staging and tough decision making
  • Focused on reducing planning by 50% and execution by 20-25%
  • Mitigating execution risks


  • Program management, ERP integration, technology/data/analytics and complex technology program delivery

Due Diligence

  • Assessment and recommendations around investment and capital allocation decisions


Our Company

ClearPrism is a relatively new advisory and execution company helping firms tackle critical business and technology challenges—with a relentless focus on the critical few capabilities that drive the majority of economic value.

Our Clients

We have a crisp focus on specific types of clients, each with their challenges to tackle and opportunities to take advantage of.

Private Equity

Where do we focus to drive alignment, speed and returns?

  • Identifying distinctive and new opportunities
  • Optimizing existing opportunity
  • Hedging portfolio risks

Business & Tech

How do we accelerate alignment around where to play and how to execute with what financial and business implications?

  • Stress-testing where we’re going
  • Automation optimization
  • Optimizing partner and supplier networks


How do we ensure we focus on the right capabilities, while de-risking execution around them?

  • Risk management
  • Dependencies and leverage
  • Alignment with economic measures


How do we ensure we focus on the right capabilities, while de-risking execution around them?

  • Mapping solutions to needs
  • Clarifying business cases
  • Clarifying staging of what you get, when

Technology that Powers Your Performance

A machine learning platform for senior business and technology executives and private equity professionals focused on:

Quickly assessing where to play and how to execute.
Speeding execution planning to move you quickly from what to do to how to do it.
Continually monitoring potential “pressures” on your business from a range of competitive and market shift activities.

Risks and Opportunities

Reduce Execution by 20-35%

Accelerate Conversion & Win Rates


Performance in Every Engagement

ClearPrism delivers the exact service you need, at the right time and with innovative tools, to accelerate value creation and return on investment decisions and portfolios.

Strategic Stress Test

“Insurance” for where you’re currently focused in terms of existing, or in development, strategy planning and/or execution.

Business Cases

Support to help you clarify where to invest, on what, with what measurable returns and how.

Data Visualization

Rapid assessment of enormous amounts of data to glean insights into potential sources of value and focus.

Execution Planning

Rapid, sprint-based processes to move from strategic decisions to how to make it happen, powered by data visualizations and predictive insights.


Overall program management—across business, financial and technology work streams—from orchestration to architectures, technical integration to cutting code. All measurable and pragmatic.


Due Diligence

Assessment and recommendations around opportunities, risks and roadmaps from operational, financial and technology perspectives. All powered and accelerated by machine learning and data visualization.

Enterprise Solutions

Assessments, integration and execution of ERP and core business applications in support of strategic objectives.

 “Where do we focus to drive alignment, speed and returns?”

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“How do we accelerate alignment around where to play and how to execute with what financial, business and technology  implications?”

“How do we ensure we are focus on the few capabilities that drive the majority of economic value?”

“How do we accelerate alignment around the major economic opportunities and appropriate solutions to take advantage of them?”

ClearPrism Success Stories

“You have saved us tens of millions of dollars in direct spend and will help us realize well over $100m in market impact faster through your simulation work and execution planning.”

Chief Executive Officer

Large, Mid-Cap Firm

“ClearPrism was able to do more in 6 weeks what it typically takes larger consulting companies more than 6 months to do.”

Project Sponsor

Private Equity Firm

“We have been able to transform our business based on new critical capabilities that helped clarify with dramatic implications on our revenue, customer engagement and workforce.”

Chief Executive Officer

Mulit-billion Dollar Company

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