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About ClearPrism

CLEARPRISM was founded by seasoned business, financial, technology and portfolio leaders who have spent all their careers helping clients discover and validate those things that bring the greatest value in the least amount of time. Understanding that industry experts agree that most business assets and portfolios tend to underperform to expectation, CLEARPRISM was founded with one mission in mind: to accelerate portfolio growth and value through the application of algorithms and machine learning.

Why ClearPrism?

Our track record of helping clients move beyond simply surviving, but to actually grow and outperform expectations is the reason why clients do business with us. We’re also recognized for applying algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to portfolio diligence, planning, execution, management and exit—leading to higher return in assets and investments.


ClearPrism Values

At CLEARPRISM, our core values guide the way that we do business internally and with all our clients and partners. CLEARPRISM’s Guiding Principles are as follows:

  • Dedication – We are completely dedicated to our mission and the delivery of a highly efficient and effective process for our clients.
  • Excellence –  We are focused on providing the highest levels of excellence through consistent processes, experienced people and exceeding client expectations.
  • Integrity – We follow through on our promises to our clients and each other. We ensure that we always follow the highest ethical and moral standards in everything we do.
  • Communication –  We are focused on listening first and clear, consistent communication with our clients.
  • Respect – We treat everyone with mutual respect, are sensitive to others’ opinions, acknowledge the importance of diversity, and value everyone’s contributions.
  • Courage – We say what we think (professionally, tactfully) even if it’s controversial, make tough decisions early, take smart risks, and challenge legacy thinking and processes.
  • Judgment – We make wise decisions, treat root causes not symptoms, think strategically, and do the “right things, right!”
  • Innovation – We discover new, practical solutions, challenge the prevailing assumptions, and always strive to look for “how it could be done better?”
  • Passion – We inspire others, care intensely about our clients’ successes, celebrate wins, go beyond our “job”, act as leaders, and feverishly take the initiative and do what is right.


Bret Hatfield, Managing Partner, ClearPrism


Bret Hatfield

Bret has spent most of his career in a professional leadership role providing both internal executive leadership within his companies and, more importantly, external advisory and business portfolio transformation services to his clients.

Bret started at Arthur Anderson before being recruited by the Dallas Cowboys Football Club where he spent three years as the Controller for both the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium Corporation. Bret returned to Arthur Andersen, as a member of the business consulting practice, before moving to Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

In 2001, Bret co-founded Lucidity Consulting Group LP, as Managing Partner. Bret led the growth of Lucidity from a regional startup to a national consulting company consisting of several hundred professionals. Lucidity was acquired by Emtec Global Services in 2015 where Bret became a Partner at Emtec and member of the Senior Executive Team. Bret started ClearPrism in 2017 as the Founding Partner, leveraging two decades of business asset and portfolio growth experience.

Terry Marshall, President, ClearPrism


Terry Marshall

Terry is a tech-savvy, seasoned IT Executive with a strong business acumen and nearly 2 decades of CIO experience working for publicly held companies.  Terry is a strategic partner focused on building and delivering IT strategies and solutions aligned with business goals. He uses his leadership experience, process improvement, project management, technology roadmaps, enterprise solutions delivery, and M&A experience to deliver a positive impact to the bottom line.

His previous roles include CIO for U.S. Concrete, President of WMC Technologies, Vice President of IT for Mario Sinacola, CIO for Texas Industries and CIO for Adams Golf.

MANAGING PARTNER and co-founder

John P. Gillespie

John has over 25 years as a professional business advisory and technology consulting leader for professional consulting firms like PwC, RSMI and BKD.  He is responsible for the Project Management of resources in excess of 100,000 consulting hours and architected several large transformation initiatives including multi-discipline implementations spanning several software products culminating on a single or series of go-lives.

He has held several technology leadership and solution architect positions spanning manufacturing (discrete, process, project and flow) retail, wholesale, distribution, oil & gas, utilities and capital markets/banking industries.  Provided strategic and advisory and consulting services focused primarily on technology enablement, program management and solution architecture. Responsible for the execution of work that aligns with management’s goals and objectives.


Jason Rapisand

Jason enables clients to set and achieve their business transformation goals by utilizing proven methods to design, direct, and implement new business processes and technologies.  He has over 20+ years as a professional business advisory consultant and systems integrator in roles ranging from Business Advisory Director, Chief Solution Architect, System Integration Practice Director, and Project Management. 

With over 100 clients ranging from small businesses to multi-national enterprises, Jason has a broad range of industry experience including Manufacturing (discrete, process, and project), Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Utilities and Energy, Public Sector, Pulp & Paper, and Professional Services.  Prior to joining ClearPrism, Jason worked for Arthur Andersen, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young, Lucidity Consulting Group, and Emtec Inc.


Glenn Gifford

An extensive career with proven delivery of strategic technology planning, IT architecture and development, executive and organizational alignment, IT management & operations, and global implementation programs. Collaborative value based decision approach and governance to ensure IT programs are aligned with business objectives and corporate strategies. Employs a balanced strategy for the effective utilization of emerging technologies and innovation to improve operational efficiency. A dynamic leadership style to energize multi-disciplined organizations while balancing tactical and strategic demands. Results oriented with a strong sense of personal accountability leading to consistently meeting or exceeding targeted objectives.

Prior to joining the Clearprism team, Glenn held senior executive IT positions at Accenture, PepsiCo, and Southwest Airlines.


Marc Zimmerman

Marc has more than 35 years of experience as a domain expert, data strategist, and senior practice/business unit executive in management consulting/system integration and investment technology development firms serving all segments and tiers of the global financial services market.  Prior employment relationships have included global data & analytics practice leadership roles with Deloitte Consulting and Capgemini Financial Services, global financial services business unit managing principal responsibilities for Unisys Corporation, and investment software global sales and marketing executive leadership positions with SS&C Technologies, Inc. and Princeton Financial Services (co-founder / acquired by State Street Bank).  Marc is keenly focused on leveraging innovative technical and consultative solutions in areas such as data strategy, analytics, and risk management to help clients resolve complex business challenges and drive profitable growth.


Dan Goter

Private equity channel and solution leader with deep investor experience in strategic, corporate and technology development enterprises, specializing in initiatives to launch new products, open new markets and revolutionize company relationships with their customers and partners.


Travis Lollar

An established leader with demonstrated success in delivering projects on time and on schedule.  His ability to connect and partner with all organizational levels enables him to produce solutions in project management to achieve desired outcomes.  Travis brings with him an exceptional set of tools which he can mobilize to solve common and unique problems encountered in project life cycles.  With expertise in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, success comes in selecting the right tool/process to meet the need or solve the problem. Certified ScrumMaster.


Lesley Bennett

IT Professional with a strong combination of IT Service Management experience and team building.  Highly skilled at multi-tasking, problem-solving across business units, and bridging technical and non-technical people to achieve productivity and financial goals for the company.  A result-driven, self-motivated, and resourceful director with a proven ability to incorporate vision and big picture thinking into tangible outcomes.  

Strengths include executing organizational change and processes by fusing cross-functional collaboration with strong project management and training skills to deliver quality service and solutions. Broad experience spans retail, manufacturing, and non-profit.  

Senior Consultant 

Adam Roti

Adam Roti has fifteen years of consulting experience in a diverse variety of industries. Adam has proven to be an effective Project Lead, collaborator with clients, and Business Analysts in re-defining current business processes to gain greater efficiency and improve business operations. Adam’s education and professional experiences in Supply Chain Management, primarily in the areas of Transportation and Logistics, Distribution, and Warehouse operations and Project Management experience in various industries.


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