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About ClearPrism?

ClearPrism was founded by seasoned business, financial, technology and portfolio leaders who have spent all their careers helping clients discover and validate those things that bring the greatest value in the least amount of time. Understanding that industry experts agree that most business assets and portfolios tend to underperform to expectation, ClearPrism was founded with one mission in mind: to accelerate portfolio growth and value through the application of algorithms and machine learning.

Why ClearPrism?

Our track record of helping clients move beyond simply surviving, but to actually grow and outperform expectations is the reason why clients do business with us. We’re also recognized for applying algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to portfolio diligence, planning, execution, management and exit—leading to higher return in assets and investments.

We also bring four unique tools that deliver what our clients demand in order to get the right answers based on analytical insight and not just individual experience:

CapImpact: A suite of artificial intelligence-based tools that help you identify the best targets, to reduce risk through due diligence accuracy and increase the value of portfolio companies.

CapDiligence: Brings the ability to see the unseen, to validate assumptions and known information and to provide the exact roadmap you need to make the best investment and execution decisions.

CapPlan: Bringing executional focus and excellence that drives out 20-35% of time needed to grow portfolio value and benefit.

CapSales: Harnessing the power of information and artificial intelligence to accurately identify, qualify and close deals faster and for higher average deal size.

Finally, we’re honest. If we aren’t the precise fit for your company, we’ll let you know up front and recommend another option to you. If, however, we are the right fit, then we are your very best source and option to fully realize the benefits of your monetary and time investments.

Our Values

At ClearPrism, our core values guide the way that we do business internally and with all our clients and partners. ClearPrism’s Guiding Principles are as follows:

  • Dedication – We are completely dedicated to our mission and the delivery of a highly efficient and effective process for our clients.
  • Excellence –  We are focused on providing the highest levels of excellence through consistent processes, experienced people and exceeding client expectations.
  • Integrity – We follow through on our promises to our clients and each other. We ensure that we always follow the highest ethical and moral standards in everything we do.
  • Communication –  We are focused on listening first and clear, consistent communication with our clients.
  • Respect – We treat everyone with mutual respect, are sensitive to others’ opinions, acknowledge the importance of diversity, and value everyone’s contributions.
  • Courage – We say what we think (professionally, tactfully) even if it’s controversial, make tough decisions early, take smart risks, and challenge legacy thinking and processes.
  • Judgment – We make wise decisions, treat root causes not symptoms, think strategically, and do the “right things, right!”
  • Innovation – We discover new, practical solutions, challenge the prevailing assumptions, and always strive to look for “how it could be done better?”
  • Passion – We inspire others, care intensely about our clients’ successes, celebrate wins, go beyond our “job”, act as leaders, and feverishly take the initiative and do what is right.


Performance Model

360° of Company Value Growth

We know you can easily find yourself somewhere on this model, seeking to move to the right.
Let us help you do just that.


What We Do

We provide advisory, execution and technology enablement to align execution around measurable outcomes. Specifically we:

  • Help firms and their programs accelerate value realization
  • Reduce execution by 25-40%
  • Identify market "white space" opportunities and build assets and capabilities that take advantage of them


Our Approach

Strong execution, powered by data visualization, algorithms, machine learning and deep experience.

Strategic Stress Test, Business Case Development and Data Visualization and Story Telling

  • Strategic stress test around the critical capabilities that will matter for new economic value—the "new 20%."
  • Algorithmic insights and data visualization
  • Business case development and financial optimization

Execution Planning

  • 4-6 week execution staging and tough decision making
  • Focused on reducing planning by 50% and execution by 20-25%
  • Mitigating execution risks


  • Program management, ERP integration, technology/data/analytics and complex technology program delivery

Due Diligence

  • Assessment and recommendations around investment and capital allocation decisions

ClearPrism Leadership

Bret Hatfield – Founder

Bret has spent most of his career in a professional leadership role providing both internal executive leadership within his  companies and, more importantly, external advisory and business portfolio transformation services to his clients.

Bret started as an intern at PwC, then quickly moved to Arthur Anderson. Several years later, Bret was recruited by the Dallas Cowboys Football Club where he spent three years as the Controller for both the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium Corporation. Bret returned to Arthur Andersen, as a member of the business consulting practice, before moving to Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

In 2001, Bret co-founded Lucidity Consulting Group LP, as Managing Partner. Bret led the growth of Lucidity from a regional startup  to a national consulting company consisting of several hundred professionals. Lucidity was acquired by Emtec Global Services in 2015 where Bret became a Partner at Emtec and member of the Senior Executive Team. Bret started CLEARPRISM in 2017 as the Founding Partner, leveraging two decades of business asset and portfolio growth experience.

Bret holds a BBA degree from Texas A&M University and practiced as a CPA prior to starting his consulting career. Outside of work, Bret enjoys spending time with his wife and three young sons

Ralph Welborn – Partner

Ralph Welborn is a Partner at ClearPrism.  He leads our Strategic Advisory work, with a particular focus on new models of growth and ½-day 1 day workshops to stress-test your current strategies from the perspective of business ecosystems.

He brings to this a robust set of capabilities and experiences.  First, a predictive analytics & role-based workflow platform focused on ‘where to play’ and ‘how to execute’ given a changed competitive environment from a partner company, CapImpact where is also co-founder.  Second, his previous roles have included CEO of a market leading innovation analytics and advisory firm, leader of IBM’s Strategy & Transformation business in the Middle East & Africa; and senior vice president of KPMG Consulting. His new book, Topple: The End of Firm-based Strategy and the Rise of New Models for Explosive Growth describes how to look at our changed competitive landscape through the lens of business ecosystems.  His other two books focus on new innovation models (The Jericho Principle & strategic execution (Get It Done) Ralph has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Boston University.

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